Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fine Abaca

Our high-grade fine abaca is directly imported from Aklan, the top producers of the finest Abaca, Piña, Silk, and Rafia products in the Philippines and the World. The manufacturing of fine abaca is a new technology. Raw abaca has been used for rugs, placemats, etc. because the fiber is hard and tough. Fine abaca’s fibers, on the other hand, are much softer, finer and delicate. Unlike Pina, Abaca and Silk, Fine Abaca is only produced in Aklan.

Because of its beautiful finish, unique look, and being a rare commodity, Fine Abaca is becoming the favorite of top designers in the country and abroad. The material is used for high class barongs or bridal gowns. Brides and Grooms definitely stand out with this unique and exquisite material.

Our Fine Abaca material is painstakingly and carefully hand woven by our weavers in Aklan. Because the fibers are so fine and so delicate, the process is slow and tedious- a product of love and tradition of the Filipino people.

The Abaca Plant

Abaca fibers come from the stalk of an abaca plant which take about two years to mature from planting to processing. The trunk is cut from slightly above the root area to near the leaf area. This is about 1 1/2 to 2 meters long. The trunk is peeled. Brown-green skin are thrown away retaining the cleaner or white portion which will be processed into knotted fibers. The fibers are extracted through hand extraction machine composed of either serrated or unserrated knives. The peel is clamped between the wood plank and knife and hand-pulled through, removing the resinous material. The extracted fibers are sun-dried which whitens the fiber.

Care of Fine Abaca

The material can be professionally dry cleaned or hand-washed using mild soap and drip-dried. Do not rub nor wring the wet abaca cloth. Do not machine wash the material. To whiten the abaca cloth, soak the material in rice washing. The abaca cloth can last up even more than a hundred years if taken cared of.

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